1. 10 minute warm up: bike, run, jump rope,  etc…

2. Set the clock for 10 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible until time is up:

– 8 hindu  pushups (standard or knee) watch this video if you are unfamiliar with the move:

– 12 sit ups (if you can’t perform a sit-up then do 12 leg raises or 15 crunches)

– 16 alternating lunges

3. After 10 minutes is up perform 3 rounds of: 

– 20 alternating Single arm raises in plank (push-up) position – hold yourself in the push-up position and raise one arm at a time off the ground. The key here is to use your abs to stabilize your hips from swaying. Your arm leaving the ground is the only thing that should be moving.

– 20 over head shoulder presses (dumbbell) – pick a moderately heavy weight. Women- 5-10lbs. Men 10-20lbs. 

– 15 reverse flys with the same weight as you used for the over head presses. Here’s a video from you to if you’re unfamiliar with the move:

Once you’ve completed 3 rounds of this spend 5-10 minutes stretching your legs and arms out.

Congrats! You’re done! Give yourself a day or two of rest and repeat. Check back next week for a new workout. 

To your health,

Justin Schollard

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Health and fitness professional. View all posts by Justin Schollard

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