Hello everyone! Here’s this weeks workout:

Warm up: 10 min of any combination of the following: Jog, jumping jacks, bike, jump rope, arm circles, power walk…

3 rounds of:

15 one-legged deadlifts (body weight or with moderate weights if you feel comfortable) both legs. If you’re unfamiliar with the move click this link:

30 seconds of mountain climbers. Click here if you are unfamiliar with the move:

10-20 standard push ups. Perform “knee” push-ups if you are unable to do standard ones. Challenge yourself!

Next, set the clock for 10 minutes and perform as many rounds as possible for time of:

12 body weight squats

8 pull-ups or machine lat pull-downs with moderate to heavy weight. 

12 full sit-ups with a twist, or 15 crunches if you can’t do a full sit-up.

Thats it! congrats! Take a day or two off then repeat. Don’t forget to spend 5-10 min stretching.

Check back next week for another workout.

To your health,

Justin Schollard


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Health and fitness professional. View all posts by Justin Schollard

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