Hello everyone!

Here it is:

10 minute warm up: Bike, jog, jump rope, power walk… Pick one or do any combo.

Next, do 3 rounds of each exercise for time:

15 Dumbbell Thrusters– Pick a moderate weight. Something that’s around your 10 rep range. Click here  if you’re unfamiliar with the move.

15 burpees– Learn to love it! Click here if you’re unfamiliar with the move

15 pull-ups -or lat pull down machine with moderate to heavy weight.

Then do 3 more rounds of:

15 leg raises – On your back keep your legs straight as you bring them up to 90 degrees and back down to the floor

20 alternating knees in forearm plank– roll over to your stomach and support your weight on your elbows and toes. in this plank position alternate bringing your knees to your arms without touching your feet to the ground. Click here to see a plank demo.

20 box or bench jumps– A 24′ box or bench is ideal but whatever you can find that is sturdy enough to jump on to will do. If you can’t jump then step on and off alternating legs.

Thats it! congrats! Make sure you spend 5-10 minutes stretching.

Rest up for a day or two and repeat!

To your health,

Justin Schollard


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Health and fitness professional. View all posts by Justin Schollard

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