Hey everyone! Here’s your workout..

10 min warm up: Run, jog, bike, jump rope, jumping jacks,  hula-hoop , or any combo of these..

4 rounds of:

Round 1) 20 burpees, 20 alternating lunges, 20 deadlifts – moderate weight. Something that is challenging to do 10 reps of.

Click here  to see a demo on deadlift form.

Round 2) 15 burpees, 16 alternating lunges, 15 deadlifts

Round 3) 10 burpees, 10 alt. lunges, 10 deadlifts

Round 4) 5 burpees, 6 alt. lunges, 5 deadlifts

Then perform 4 rounds for time (as fast as you can) of:

10 pull-ups or heavy lat pull-

10 Hindu pushups- Click here for demo(drop to your knees if you have to)

10 leg lifts-Click here for demo

Thats all folks! Take 5-10 minutes to stretch and repeat the workout in a couple of days.

To your health,

Justin Schollard


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Health and fitness professional. View all posts by Justin Schollard

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