Hey everyone!

10 minute warm up: jog, bike, jump rope, jumping jacks, etc..

4 rounds of:

One minute of jump rope

15 shoulder presses – Moderate to heavy (dumbbell)

10 weighted squats – Moderate to heavy (dumbbell) – When you do your squats make sure you keep your weight on your heals, knees back, back straight, and lower yourself down until your hips are below your knees.

Once you complete 4 rounds do one 5 minute RUN on treadmill or outside

4 rounds of:

20 alternating arm raises in plank (push up) position. The important thing here is that you keep your hips stationary. No swaying!

10 push ups (knee or standard)

15 leg raises (on your back)

once you complete 4 rounds do another 5 minute RUN

5-10 min stretch

Thats it! Congrats!

Rest for a day or two and repeat.

To your health,

Justin Schollard





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