Justin Recommends

  • MobilityWod.com an absolute must for anyone interested self care. Learn how to heal yourself with self body work.
  • Food Inc. – An amazing documentary about factory farming and the big business of agriculture.
  • FoodMatters – Another spectacular documentary about the importance of nutrition and the power the pharmaceutical industry has over our medical system. A MUST SEE!
  • Mark’s Daily Apple – A brilliant blog about paleolithic dieting and lifestyle.
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – A really cool documentary about two morbidly obese men (430lbs!) who completely turn their life around and lose hundreds of pounds by fasting on only vegetable juice for 60 days.
  • SUGAR: The Bitter Truth – An amazing lecture given by an MD about the toxic nature and devastating effects of sugar consumption.
  • Minding your mitochondria – A must see 15 minute lecture given by an MD who literally cured her MS through HEAVY vegetable consumption.
  • Squat Everyday – By Matt Perryman. Challenge you belief about overtraining. Read how the strongest men get to where they are by literally lifting maximum weights 6 days a week.
  • Missing Microbes – By Dr. Martin J Blaser. An honest look into how the over prescription of antibiotics is  not only killing off vital microbes that have evolved synonymously with human beings but are creating super bugs that are antibiotic resistant. Important stuff that everyone should read.

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