Personal training

This is a great option for those who need a one on one program to meet their fitness objectives. Personal training is hands down the best way to stay on track and stay motivated.

All areas of strength and conditioning will be implemented including weight lifting, circuit training, calisthenics, plyometrics, kickboxing, therapeutic stretching and comprehensive diet consulting.

Custom programming

Maybe getting to the gym isn’t your problem, its what to do when you’re there that is. If you need the structure of a sound strength and conditioning program custom tailored just for you by a highly qualified coach then consider my 3 month virtual training program. We’ll discuss your goals and ideal body then get to work crafting the perfect routine for you. On training days you’ll receive an email with that days workout along with video demonstrations of every movement. Once the workout is finished just check that it was completed and I will be notified. This is a budget friendly option for those looking for a custom program.

Call me and we’ll talk about the best approach for you.

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2 responses to “Services

  • Ashley Abenante

    Hi my name is Ashley and I just recently moved here from NY and have gained a lot of weight since being here due to stress. I am looking for someone to train me twice a week at an affordable price. I found you on yelp and the reviews were good and the location as well for me. I am interested in getting some information and also about pricing. Thanks 🙂

  • Robin Siegel

    Hi Justin. Just did a quick review of your website and it is very informative, to say the least! Very impressive! I am a 60 plus yr old woman, with many health issues: Knees, back and neck. I was wondering if you would be able to work with me even though I have some issues and what you would charge me for private training sessions.

    Best regards,


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